What Is Your Baby's Personality Like?

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What Is Your Baby's Personality Like?

Post by rocknrollmommy616 on Fri Oct 10, 2008 12:19 pm

So I was feeding little Joey last night and I was just wondering what everyone's babies were like.
Is he/she fussy?
Do they smile at you, or frown?
Are their eyes open a lot?
Do they cry a lot or only a little?
How are their eating habits? Do they eat very often, or not as frequently as you'd think?
Do they sneeze very often?
How much sleep are they getting?

These are just some questions I was wondering about everyone else's LOs and thought would be a fun thread for all of our new mommies! That way we can know how different or alike all of our babies are. I will start. ^_^

Joey is not very fussy at all, but I did find out last night that he doesn't like his arms swaddled when he's awake! He only really smiles in his sleep, which I think is just TOO cute Wink But he also has a very serious expression on his face when he's awake and staring around. I think its kind of a curious expression really. He doesn't stay awake for very long, but he does open his eyes pretty wide to glance around now and then. He favors his left eye, not really sure what's up with that. When he cries it's really not that horrific. But it's still heart-wrenching and unbearable to me and DF. He growls sometimes when I burp him, and I think that's the cutest and funniest thing ever! He's like a little bear! ^_^ Joseph eats pretty regularly, whether I wake him up or not. He eats 3oz every 3 or so hours. Unless he is fortunate enough to get some breast milk and then its less. My LO likes to sneeze a lot! It's cute, but I'm always wondering why. I sometimes use hand sanitizer after changing him and I think the alcohol makes him sneeze cuz his nose is so sensitive. I don't know the exact calculations, but he pretty much always snoozes after feedings, so 3 or four hours between feedings, so probably like 17 or 18 hours a day maybe? maybe less, I'm not sure. Can't quite do the math. But he is awake sometimes, so I'm guessing that is pretty accurate for a 2 week old baby.

So, what's your LO like? ^_^

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Re: What Is Your Baby's Personality Like?

Post by Kim on Fri Oct 10, 2008 4:52 pm

Bekah- I was actually asking my ped about the sneezing...and I learned that all babies sneeze a lot as they only know how to breath out of their nose unless they are crying and then breathe out of their mouths...so their nose often gets irratants in it as they use it all the time...therefore causing them to sneeze!!!

Landree is even more laid back than her sister!!! And she was easy...during the day she eats about 2oz, every three hours and at night 2-2 and a half ounces every four hours or so. She stays awake a couple of times a day and usually for about two hours. She is a really quite baby, the only time she cries is when she is hungry or needs help burping...and then it is not loud or for long. She loves to sleep at night swadled, but during the day she needs to "free". Honestly McKenna was so good that I was expecting the worse with this one and so far I have been pleasantly surprised.

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Re: What Is Your Baby's Personality Like?

Post by mythreesons on Sat Oct 11, 2008 12:56 pm

Lucas falls asleep while he's eating so it takes 2 or 3 tries to get his little belly full...He eats every 2-3 hours during the day and only wakes up usually once or twice at night...Right now he's actually napping in his big crib.He's a very good natured baby and still has the serious face so I can't wait to see those first gummy grins.He cries when he's hungry or getting his diaper changed(he hates the wipes)but if he's crying will stop and listen if I start talking to him...He likes to check things out.We're working on his day sleeping because the problem is that he'd rather sleep on me than in his bassinet...So we're working on it...still not ready to just let him cry it out for a little but...I will let him cry a bit but not scream...

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Re: What Is Your Baby's Personality Like?

Post by mnelson80 on Mon Oct 13, 2008 3:13 pm

Is he/she fussy?
Dominic is way more laid back than his sister was. He doesn't fuss much at all and is actually content to just lay in he bed for a while even while he's awake.
Do they smile at you, or frown? He does smile, just a little. And he makes the same "o" face Tatzeanna used to make.. I LOVE IT.. see avatar..LOL
Are their eyes open a lot? He still sleeps a lot, he's opening his eyes more and more.. just looking around and absorbing.
Do they cry a lot or only a little? He usually cry's when he's getting his diaper changed. Other than that not to much. He sometimes gets too hungery which makes him get really frustrated trying to latch. Which is kind of strange because he has his mouth open really wide and it should be easier for him to latch. I usually give him a bottle for a minute or so then and then go back to nursing.
How are their eating habits? Do they eat very often, or not as frequently as you'd think? He's cluster feeding just a little bit. I think it's cause I'm using both formula and nursing. He always seems hurngry and I've actually starting using his paci already cause I don't want him to eat too much. He had a few problems right away at the hospital where he would spit up and choke, and then it would all come out his nose.. gross. He had his stomach pumped out because they thought he must still have a lot of amniotic fluid in there from being a c-section. He's been MUCH better since then.
Do they sneeze very often? He sneezed a lot in the hospital.
How much sleep are they getting? Don't know the hours either, but he usually sleeps in 3-4 hour streatches. He's started staying awake a little more during the day. But not too much yet.


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Re: What Is Your Baby's Personality Like?

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